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The Legend of the Light Keeper

By Kelly Hall

‘Everything. It took everything from us.’

After a hurricane destroyed her home, Lily Jordan is ready for life to get back to normal, but it just isn’t in the cards. Her mother’s recent engagement has her in the middle of nowhere and sleeping in the room next to the hottest boy she’s seen in ages – her soon to be stepbrother Talon.

To top it off – the new house sits on the edge of Southeast Texas’ most haunted ghost road. The secluded scenic road is steeped in rich history and legends, beckoning parts of her she’d rather remain hidden.

What is the the secret of the old diary she receives? How does it tie into the local legends and intertwine to become her present?

With the help of new neighbors, Hunter and Owen, and forbidden love, Talon, she will uncover dark secrets from the past and be forced to search for her own gifts to protect those she has come to love most.

An Action Adventure Supernatural Ghost Story

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