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The Golden Claw

By K.A. Faul

Seeking companionship, the lonely First Shifter gave some wolves souls and minds.

Disappointed with his creation, he disappeared, leaving humanity vulnerable to animals who could hide among them.

Some chose coexistence; others chose violence.

Thousands of years later, none of that matters to stubborn Mina. With her Rite of Passage coming up, she’s more concerned about convincing the skeptical wolves of her clan she’s worthy of respect than she is about interspecies politics.

The world is not a place of peace, even for werewolves who don’t want to fight.

Some in her clan believe Mina is the culmination of a prophecy related to the First Shifter. Others worry she’s a dangerous element who might bring them back to the dark days of wolf-on-wolf bloodshed.

But Mina only wants to protect her friends and family.

When enemies threaten her Rite of Passage, Mina realizes that werewolves can’t hide from the rest of the world, and she can’t dodge her responsibilities.

The ultimate strength of the wolf is the pack.

But what happens when one wolf might be a risk to her pack?

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