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SWORD: Part Two

By DB Nielsen

“I had promised St. John that I would trust him. Always. Implicitly. But it wasn’t proving so easy … Love and trust had been fused to suffering and torment…”

To be irrevocably in love with a Nephilim is the stuff of dreams and nightmares woven into a dangerous reality for Sage Woods. For now that St. John is enslaved to the Ice Queen, the quest to return the Seed to the Garden of Eden hangs in the balance without its Keeper and the commitment of the Wise Ones. Whilst her fate is bound to the Seed, Sage’s intense passion and profound connection to St. John leads her to risk all through increasingly reckless actions – and will come at a terrible price.
But is it even possible to save an immortal from madness?
And what price is too high to pay, even for true love?

SWORD: Part Two is the sixth book in the Keepers of Genesis Series

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