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SWORD: Part One

By DB Nielsen

“I knew that I had made a terrible, catastrophic mistake … I had paid a price – but not the one I had expected…”
The rumours are true. Semyaza, the leader of the Grigori, has escaped imprisonment in Tartaros and covets the power of the Seed.
Enmeshed in intricate schemes forged millennia before the birth of the Wise Ones, Sage Woods finds herself struggling to control her future. Known adversaries, Louis and Finn, and new threats in a splinter faction of Nephilistic warriors force Sage to make reckless choices and daring sacrifices. And if that isn’t bad enough, Sage must decide whether she can trust the Anakim – and especially her beloved, St. John – whose devotion to their quest is often at the expense of their nobler nature.
But the real threat to Sage’s future is yet to be revealed, and when it is, the search for the Sword of the Archangel takes on a terrifying urgency…

SWORD: Part One is the fifth book in the Keepers of Genesis Series

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