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SEED: Part Two

By DB Nielsen

“You still think that you have to protect me from who – what – you really are … But it doesn’t matter to me what you are or what you think you are because I’d still love you…”

The SEED has awakened … and so has Sage Wood’s feelings for the enigmatic and sexy St. John Rivers. Despite the mixed signals which he has been giving her, Sage experiences a profound bond to him – though even she does not know the extent of this connection nor how it will impact on her life; placing her in imminent danger.
Caught up in a deadly game between supernatural foe, Sage is determined to know the truth and choose her own destiny – uncovering a twisted history of secrets, passions and obsessions; at the heart of which lies the ancient artefact … and St.John.
But what happens when she no longer has the ability to choose but, instead, is the chosen?

SEED: part two is the second book in the Keepers of Genesis Series

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