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SCROLL: Part Two

By DB Nielsen

“Is it so wrong? … Is it so terrible to want what you should not? To crave what you cannot have? Do you fear to seize what you desire? What is forbidden?”

Pulled in one direction by her powerful attraction to the darkly mysterious Emim, Finn, and in another by her deep connection to the impulsive and unpredictable Anakim, Gabriel, Saffron Woods endures a tempest of temptation and confusion.
Whilst Fi has faced her fair share of challenges in the past, nothing can prepare her for the realisation that she is also a Wise One. As she becomes embroiled in the Nephilistic quest to return the Seed to the Garden of Eden, her struggle to control her erratic emotions and accept her new future results in becoming ever more reckless. Yet if Fi wants to uncover the truth about herself and her world, she must be stronger than ever … she must face dangers beyond anything she has yet to endure … and she must discover and unlock the key to all the mysteries: the SCROLL.

SCROLL: Part Two is the fourth book in the Keepers of Genesis Series

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