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For The Pack

By K.A. Faul

Enemies surround Mina but so do friends.

In the aftermath of the brutal True Breed battle, a more relaxed Mina remains packless, to the chagrin of the clan elders. With an epic clan competition looming, she’s determined to prove she’s stronger, faster, and smarter than an entire pack.

Being blessed with powers by Rogan sets her apart, but is it enough to help her win?

Dangerous threats loom, and it’s hard to defeat an enemy when you don’t know where they’re hiding.

The only thing Mina values more than her independence is her friends, and when one of her friends is targeted by a sinister plot, she’s forced to confront the harsh reality that not all problems can be solved with fangs, claws, and a sassy attitude.

With an impossible choice before her, can Mina figure out how to outwit her enemies and save her friend?

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